Monday, July 2, 2018

Podcast Episode 3: Mead Treadwell


Mead Treadwell is running for Governor of the GREAT state of Alaska. Mead shares his vision for Alaska, and a fascinating, and unknown story aboutAlaska’s economic crash of 1986.

Mead arrived to Alaska to work for Wally Hickel as an intern. He later went on to work in the Hickel Administration when Governor Wally Hickel was elected Governor. Mead is the former Chair of the U.S. Arctic Research Commission serving from 2006 to 2010. He was elected Lt. Governor of the GREAT state of Alaska in 2010 where he worked for policies to move Alaska forward.

 Alaska is a crossroad, and our next Governor will be making big decisions, and filling up the Trans Alaska Pipeline (TAPS) must be a top priority. Mead shares his plans on filling up TAPS, keeping our promises, and cutting state spending.

More about Mead Treadwell

Friday, May 25, 2018

Podcast: Setting Alaska’s Table: Cathy Foerster


One of the reasons I started the Alaska Energy Dudes and Divas podcast was to help Alaskans weed through the sound bites, and noise surrounding issues that impact or our state. Alaska’s lifeblood is the Trans Alaska Pipeline (TAPS), and the priority must be increasing oil production through TAPS. Increased oil production is key to Alaska’s future. Alaska is at a crossroads, and much of the fiscal hardship we have experienced is due to policies. Alaska can turn things around with leadership, and a focus on TAPS.

I wanted my first podcast guest to be Cathy Foerster,  Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (AOGCC) Commissioner.  All roads to increased oil production travel through the AOGCC.   Commissioner Foerster is due to retire in 2019, and it is important that the next Governor appoint a AOGCC Commissioner that has the same passion Commissioner Foerster has for Alaska 

Commissioner Foerster has always put Alaska first.  I would like to thank Cathy Foerster for her service to Alaska, and her leadership will be missed.  

Enjoy the podcast

Good News: Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission


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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Podcast: Alaska Energy Dudes and Divas

I will be launching the Alaska Energy Dudes and Divas Podcast in May 2018.  The podcast will be weekly discussion on issues that impact you, and your family. 

I am excited, and appreciate all the support I have received in my efforts to educate Alaskans.  Guests have been booked through the end of August. It is important that Alaskans understand the issues going into this election cycle. 

Monday, March 5, 2018

Good News: Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

Unbelievable testimony from Alaska Oil Gas Conservation Commission (AOGCC) Commissioner Cathy Foerster to Senate Resources. All roads to Alaska's prosperity lead through the AOGCC.

Commissioner Foerster did offer some good news for Alaskans
"there was no decline"