Friday, October 21, 2016

Gasline or greed? You be the judge

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Bill Walker's APOC Financial Disclosures 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013

With new governor, a different take on energy development

Gas offers have come in

Wants New Alaska Gold Rush

Yukon Pacific downsizes gas project; New plan would cost $9.5 billion; company looking to producers, pipeline companies or state development authority to build project

Yukon Pacific still in the hunt for gas

Yukon Pacific loses right of way for trans-Alaska gas line

CSX CEO Says Trans-Alaska System Project, 'Most Viable' Alternative for North Slope Gas

Alaska pipeline at 10; oil and questions flow

More work for state gas authority; Bill would add highway line, private-sector partners to review

Yukon Pacific Corporation

Walker/Mallott transition team report

Alaska LNG backers lobby Murkowski; Backbone II asks governor for enthusiastic endorsement of state liquefied natural gas project from North Slope to Valdez

Republican lawmakers spar with Alaska Gov. Walker's administration over plans for North Slope gas

Market Developments prompt Alaska LNG Summit in Valdez

Alaska Gasline Port Authority 

Denied: DOE nixes Port Valdez export license

Alaska Gasline Port Authority opens new office in Fairbanks

Walker transition effort begins to form

Gasline financing questioned

Governor Walker and Craig Richards next play; Blowing up Prudhoe Bay

Walker's comments on Point Thomson settlement missed the mark

Full text of "Sarah Palin's E-mail Records: 2008-01-24"

Conference assembles gas line players for debate

Port authority: Producers are conflicted

Croft seeks fair pipeline deal for state

Gasline battle heats up in homestretch

‘Middle Earth’ tax credit debate reaches Interior gas project’-tax-credit-debate-reaches-interior-gas-project#.WAxRJjteCM8

AG hires lawyer who advised threatening leases (W. Mark Cotham)

Thomson on the table; Companies say little at hearing; agencies, port authority comments negative (W. Mark Cotham)

Informal work session on ANS gas leases: Joint meeting: Legislative budget and audit, and Senate Resources Standing Committee (Rick Halford Mark Cotham)

State division pressures Exxon Mobil to develop gas at Point Thomson Company says it's disappointed with state's denial of access, plans to appeal the decision (Harry Crawford, Jomo Stewart)

AIDEA begins broadening Interior gas search

Interior Gas Utility: Board (Mike Meeks)

Interior Gas Utility counsel grills Fairbanks Natural Gas about ownership during hearing (Robin Brena)

Rep. Matt Claman, an attorney speaks about former Attorney General working for the Walker Administration

Spenard candidate forum. Candidate speaks about the corrupt Bill Walker administration

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Walker's shadow government and your PFD; The Brena effect

I normally do not publish donors who give to political campaigns. I usually stick to total donations when it comes to unions, and special interests groups. I respect everyone's vote even though I may not agree with your politics. I believe in democracy, and may the best man or best woman win. However, in Alaska that isn’t always the case.

Money talks, and it isn’t just pay-to-play. It is much darker than even I had suspected. Walker’s shadow government, and his desperation for a pipe dream should give all Alaskans pause.   Brena is a trusted friend of Bill Walker, and he has spent a pretty penny getting him elected Governor.

Robin Brena is also the guy who bought Bill Walker, and former Attorney General Craig Richard's law firm for a $1.00 (Sarcasm, you gotta point that out when you're being sarcastic these days). Bill Walker, Craig Richards, and Robin Brena have spent their legal careers suing Alaska's oil producers which should concern all Alaskans.   Now it turns out Brena dropped $223,300 over the past four years into political campaigns and special interest groups.  $223,300 is a huge chunk of change to get the governor and legislature you want.

I haven't figured out if the agenda is for Governor Walker and Craig Richards to default on Prudhoe Bay leases for a pipe dream (which requires taking your PFD), or to keep the legal billable hours thriving on the backs of Alaskans.    Governor Bill Walker has made millions in legal fees pushing for a pipe dream.  Check out Walker's  2014 APOC financial disclosure report

Elections have consequences people, and your PFD is not for sale.

Let Brena's APOC report speak for itself. You be the judge. Here is the link to his APOC report

  • 01/27/16 $ 500.00 Shirley Ann Cote'
  • 10/22/15 $ 500.00 Eric Croft
  • 10/13/15 $ 500.00 Matt Claman
  • 06/29/1c $ 500.00 Jason Grenn
  • 07/15/16 $ 500.00 Paul Seaton
  • 07/12/16 $ 500.00 Jim Colver
  • 06/27/16 $ 500.00 Harry T. Crawford Jr.
  • 07/01/16 $500.00 Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins
  • 06/27/16 $ 500.00 Daniel (Dan) H Ortiz
  • 06/25/16 $ 5,000.00 House Democratic Campaign Committee
  • 06/24/16 $ 500.00 Matt Claman
  • 06/29/16 $ 500.00 Les Gara
  • 06/27/16 $ 500.00 Zach Fansler
  • 07/10/16 $ 500.00 Adam Wool
  • 06/27/16 $ 500.00 Ivy A Spohnholz
  • 06/12/16 $ 500.00 Luke Hopkins
  • 06/27/16 $ 500.00 Dean Westlake
  • 08/03/16 $35,000.00 Together for Alaska
  • 08/13/16 $ 500.00 Louise B. Stutes
  • 02/11/15 $ 500.00 Ethan Berkowitz
  • 08/4/15 $ 5,000.00 House Democratic Campaign Committee
  • 12/07/13 $ 500.00 Hollis S. French
  • 12/07/13 $ 500.00 Hollis S. French
  • 05/17/13 $ 500.00 Bill Walker
  • 10/31/13 $ 500.00 Bill Walker
  • 01/08/14 $ 500.00 Bill Walker
  • 07/03/14 $ 300.00 Hollis S. French
  • 07/02/14 $ 500.00 Patti Higgins
  • 08/07/14 $ 500.00 Laurie Hummel
  • 08/08/14 $ 500.00 Geran Tarr
  • 09/26/14 $50,000.00 Alaskans Opposing Parnell
  • 10/01/14 $10,000.00 Putting Alaskans First Committee
  • 09/24/14 $ 500.00 Walker Mallott for Alaska
  • 11/22/13 $ 500.00 Craig L Fleener
  • 07/08/14 $ 500.00 Marty McGee
  • 10/21/14 $25,000.00 Alaskans Opposing Parnell
  • 07/22/14 $10,000.00 Vote Yes! Repeal the Giveaway
  • 06/04/14 $ 5,000.00 Vote Yes! Repeal the Giveaway
  • 10/01/14 $10,000.00 Putting Alaskans First Committee
  • 09/25/14 $ 500.00 Clare Ross
  • 07/02/14 $ 500.00 Harry T Crawford Jr.
  • 09/24/14 $ 500.00 Matt Claman
  • 08/8/14 $ 500.00 Dean Westlake
  • 01/9/14 $25,000.00 Vote Yes! Repeal the Giveaway
  • 06/19/12$ 1,000.00 Senate Democratic Campaign Committee
  • 01/03/12$ 500.00 Hollis S. French
  • 07/10/12 $ 500.00 David Guttenberg
  • 07/06/12 $ 500.00 Bryce Edgmon
  • 06/29/12 $ 500.00 Donald "Donny" Olson
  • 06/30/12 $500.00 Harry T. Crawford Jr.
  • 07/10/12 $500.00 Anna I. Fairclough
  • 07/05/12 $500.00 Lindsey S Holmes
  • 07/16/12 $500.00 Roman R. Romanovski
  • 07/02/12 $500.00 Thomas H. Wagoner
  • 06/29/12 $500.00 Joe J. Thomas
  • 06/29/12 $500.00 Gary Stevens
  • 05/18/12 $500.00 Bill Wielechowski
  • 07/18/12 $500.00 Lesil McGuire
  • 07/06/12 $500.00 Fred Dyson
  • 07/05/12 $500.00 Lindsey S Holmes
  • 07/17/12 $500.00 Bert K. Stedman
  • 08/10/12 $500.00 David Watts
  • 08/08/12 $500.00 Jonathan S. Kreiss-Tomkins
  • 07/31/12 $4,000.00 Senate Democratic Campaign Committee
  • 07/03/12 $500.00 Hal Gazaway
  • 08/09/12 $500.00 Matt Olsen
  • 08/22/12 $500.00 Patti Higgins
  • 07/03/12 $500.00 Bob Miller
  • 08/22/12 $500.00 Patti Higgins
  • 07/31/12 $500.00 Luke Hopkins
  • 08/7/12 $500.00 Pete Petersen
  • 11/13/12 $5,000.00 Putting Alaskans First Committee
  • 06/29/12 $500.00 Berta Gardner
  • 07/5/12 $500.00 Paul K. Seaton
  • 07/3/12 $500.00 Bill Stoltze
  • 07/11/12 $500.00 Les Gara
  • 06/29/12 $500.00 Click Bishop
  • 07/06/12 $500.00 Scott Kawasaki
  • 08/06/12 $500.00 Andrew L. "Andy" Josephson
  • 08/06/12 $500.00 Chris Tuck
Brena total expenditures $223,300.000

Sunday, June 19, 2016

SB 128 PFD Dead - Sine Die

Deborah and Rep. Craig Johnson
The House gaveled out sine die last night, and Alaskans can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Senate Bill 128, the Governor’s abolishing the PFD legislation is dead. I anticipate the Governor will call the legislature back for a special, special session to introduce a new PFD abolishing bill. I have spoken with my Representative Craig Johnson who is House Rules Chair and he shared with me that all PFD legislation will not get on the House floor. The public has spoken. So, the Governor and his special interest pals need to pack up and go home. It’s over.

The Governor chose to not lead, and cut the budget. Governor Walker has spent the last 18 months “grooming’ Alaskans to take their PFD.  Let us not forget Walker's special interests partners who have spent a year manufacturing a ‘the sky is falling’ sentiment that is scaring Alaskans. I’m sorry, scaring Alaskans is not leadership. Alaska has savings and the sky is not falling.

This Alaskan is not opposed to using the permanent fund for its intended use. The permanent fund was born for a rainy day. It’s a rainy day. However, the rainy day has been self-inflicted, and there is plenty of blame to go around. Alaska is not living within in its financial means, and Alaskans will reject using the permanent fund until the state gets its fiscal house in order. Period.

The Governor has always had the power to reduce your PFD by $1,000 utilizing the budgetary process, and his veto pen. He never needed PFD legislation to pass to reduce your PFD check to fund a bloated state government.

Cut the budget Governor, and muster up some fiscal responsibility that you promised Alaskans if you got elected. Then, and only then will Alaskans stand shoulder to shoulder with you and approve the using of our PFD wealth.

It is come come to Jesus time, and the question is, will Governor Bill Walker burn Alaska’s house down.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

GCI's Ron Duncan; the new Bill Allen?

Ron Duncan, GCI President and CEO sure does have his shorts in a twist all in the name of ‘doing what is best for Alaska.’  Seriously?   What Ron Duncan cares about is keeping his corporate welfare.  GCI received $5.1M in corporate welfare from the state of Alaska in 2015.  The $5.1M was obtained from the State of Alaska’s online checkbook, and does not include GCI’s Terra project dollars which requires a state match (so I hear).  Ask your lawmakers about the Terra project.  Talk to your lawmakers about GCI, and the AFL-CIO camped outside their offices.   OMG, what is GCI going to do with themselves if Ron Duncan is unsuccessful in bullying lawmakers to take your PFD?  You got it.  GCI will be holding the unmatched bag.  Alaskans didn’t take the money, GCI did, and now GCI’s financial woes have now become ours.

In addition, Arctic Fiber has rekindled their project of bringing broadband to rural Alaska. In May, Arctic Fiber was aquired by Quintillion Networks.  Why should you care about Arctic Fiber, and Quintillion Networks?   Um, Quintillion Networks is imposing in on GCI’s rural bread and butter. The Arctic Fiber project will bring broadband from Japan over the top through Prudhoe Bay, down to Fairbanks, and then down into Southcentral.  Gotta love competition.  It means lower broadband costs for the state of Alaska, school districts, and Alaskans. Especially, for our friends in the bush beginning in 2017.

Therefore, it is understandable that Ron Duncan would hire lobbyists, and bully, and threaten lawmakers to submit, or GCI will unseat them.   The pressure is on to abolish the PFD to keep the corporate welfare flowing right into special interests' pockets that includes GCI, and Ron Duncan is leading the charge.

Are you interested in taking the D out of PFD by tying your permanent fund check to an oil commodity?  Are you confident in an oil commodity that is volatile that requires the Trans Alaska Pipeline (TAPS) be the sole revenue generator for your PFD?  Especially, when TAPS is on the decline and increasing oil production is not a priority?

What Alaska needs is a Governor who will lead, and a Governor and legislature who will cut the budget to live within our means.  Not a Governor, or legislature advocating to reduce your PFD, and abolishing the PFD program as we know it.

Today is the day that will change Alaska forever, and it won't be about moving Alaska forward.

Call your House Representative.  

GCI posts $8.9M loss in 4th quarter of 2015

Quintillion plans to deliver fiber optic cable and high-speed Interent by early 2017