Friday, October 21, 2016

Gasline or greed? You be the judge

LIVING BLOG POST:  The board has been updated, and it will be updated as I learn more.  You will also find hyperlinks to articles below the image.

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Bill Walker's APOC Financial Disclosures 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013

With new governor, a different take on energy development

Gas offers have come in

Wants New Alaska Gold Rush

Yukon Pacific downsizes gas project; New plan would cost $9.5 billion; company looking to producers, pipeline companies or state development authority to build project

Yukon Pacific still in the hunt for gas

Yukon Pacific loses right of way for trans-Alaska gas line

CSX CEO Says Trans-Alaska System Project, 'Most Viable' Alternative for North Slope Gas

Alaska pipeline at 10; oil and questions flow

More work for state gas authority; Bill would add highway line, private-sector partners to review

Yukon Pacific Corporation

Walker/Mallott transition team report

Alaska LNG backers lobby Murkowski; Backbone II asks governor for enthusiastic endorsement of state liquefied natural gas project from North Slope to Valdez

Republican lawmakers spar with Alaska Gov. Walker's administration over plans for North Slope gas

Market Developments prompt Alaska LNG Summit in Valdez

Alaska Gasline Port Authority 

Denied: DOE nixes Port Valdez export license

Alaska Gasline Port Authority opens new office in Fairbanks

Walker transition effort begins to form

Gasline financing questioned

Governor Walker and Craig Richards next play; Blowing up Prudhoe Bay

Walker's comments on Point Thomson settlement missed the mark

Full text of "Sarah Palin's E-mail Records: 2008-01-24"

Conference assembles gas line players for debate

Port authority: Producers are conflicted

Croft seeks fair pipeline deal for state

Gasline battle heats up in homestretch

‘Middle Earth’ tax credit debate reaches Interior gas project’-tax-credit-debate-reaches-interior-gas-project#.WAxRJjteCM8

AG hires lawyer who advised threatening leases (W. Mark Cotham)

Thomson on the table; Companies say little at hearing; agencies, port authority comments negative (W. Mark Cotham)

Informal work session on ANS gas leases: Joint meeting: Legislative budget and audit, and Senate Resources Standing Committee (Rick Halford Mark Cotham)

State division pressures Exxon Mobil to develop gas at Point Thomson Company says it's disappointed with state's denial of access, plans to appeal the decision (Harry Crawford, Jomo Stewart)

AIDEA begins broadening Interior gas search

Interior Gas Utility: Board (Mike Meeks)

Interior Gas Utility counsel grills Fairbanks Natural Gas about ownership during hearing (Robin Brena)

Rep. Matt Claman, an attorney speaks about former Attorney General working for the Walker Administration

Spenard candidate forum. Candidate speaks about the corrupt Bill Walker administration