Wednesday, June 29, 2016

GCI's Empty Threats

I don't take kindly to threats, and GCI has been threatening Alaskans that if the state does not abolish the PFD as we know it GCI won't invest $200M in Alaska. 

I'm sorry Ron Duncan, you took the federal dollars with strings attached; Alaskans didn't.  Maybe your lobbyist Ashley Reed promised you that Alaskans would go for it.  I'm here to tell you that Alaskans have spoken, and it is a resounding 'hell no" on abolishing our PFD.

Turns out that that Alaska didn’t need to pass legislation for GCI to take the money. GCI is investing the $200M they said they wouldn't.

 GCI to expand network to 10 more Arctic communities in 2016.

GCI's Ron Duncan; Alaska's new Bill Allen?

‘Alaska’s future looks like Alaska past --- it’s about the money