Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I'm going to make this place (Alaska) your "home"

Deborah Brollini
Alaska's Energy Diva

One thing I have most enjoyed about my Thoughtful Thursday outreach has been spending time with Alaska’s youth, and young people. Their energy, and optimism is infectious. We could learn a lot from them if we would just get beyond our own baggage and opinions.

Our children continue to charge on in life with cheerful and generous hearts despite the painful world we have left them. This generation has witnessed evil to its highest degree and they have chosen to be joyful, dream, and be optimistic about their futures.

My daughter’s best friend’s father passed away last year, and she does not have a chip on her shoulder. She is a child, a senior in high school, and she continues to work everyday to contribute to her family, DREAM of college and “getting the heck out of here.” She has not allowed the loss of her father stop her from pursing her dreams. I’m not sure this young woman knows that I will move heaven and earth to make her dreams come true. This kid has a grownup in her corner.

It is a sad that we the grownups of the world sit around shaming each other because we want to be right rather than reaching out to find common ground and find solutions. We owe it to our youth to put our big boy shorts and big girl panties on and start acting like the grownups that we are.

I attended the Phillip Phillips concert on Monday surrounded by youth and American Idol fans. I am always amazed how music can bring people and generations together. My daughter bought me tickets to the concert for Mother’s Day. She knew I loved this kid because he is talented, grounded, and committed to excellence. My daughter may never know why I listened to “Home” thousands of times… over, and over, and over again. I listened to keep me focused and to keep Alaska her “home."

I hope our young people keep ignoring us, and keep on dreaming BIG! ________________________

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