Monday, April 22, 2013

SB 21: Alaska’s oil rebate

Michael  "Fish" Pawlowski
Deborah Brollini
Alaska Energy Dudes and Divas

I’ve been pretty quiet this past legislative session, and many including my friends want to know “what do you think about SB 21?” What I will tell you is that I am pleased, and excited for Alaska’s future.

Alaska has been my home for 37 years, and I have had the same friends since I was 10 years old. All I’ve ever wanted was for my children to have the same opportunities my friends and I were afforded growing up. Growing up in Alaska is something special, and Alaska and my children’s future was worth fighting for, and I am unapologetic to those who got in my way.

You are already hearing the rhetoric “the oil giveaway,” and folks have gone so far as to try and rile support to put the issue on the ballot to rescind SB 21, the Governor’s oil tax reform bill. I find this action cute mainly because we have been giving away money to oil exploration companies since ACES passed and these companies have not added one drop of oil into the Trans Alaska Pipeline (TAPS), nor added a cent to our state treasury. Talk about corporate welfare.

SB 21 is an oil rebate not a giveaway. Alaska’s oil producers will have to prove that their activity on the North Slope has resulted in increased oil production. Alaskans should not expect that the oil production decline curb to rise. What Alaskans should expect is the decline curb to remain steady much like it did in the latter 90s. Alaskans should only expect a full pipeline, and an increase to the decline curb when offshore oil comes online in 2025, and not before then.

I ask those who detest Alaska’s oil industry, how do you enjoy your quality of life? How do you enjoy your yearly PFD check? How do you enjoy not paying an income tax? Like it or not Alaska’s oil producers are marching into their boardrooms fighting for Alaska, and the Alaska projects they are fighting for benefit you, your family, and your businesses directly, or indirectly

On April 14, 2013,  I watched the final vote on SB 21 go down at the Peanut Farm with my children. Yup, Alaska politics is a blood sport. After the vote we left the Peanut Farm and I cried all the way home. My tears were of rejoice for Alaska and my children’s future.  Alaska your future is bright. 

Thank you "Fish" for educating Alaskans and shepherding SB 21.


A mother's love and SB 21, Deborah Brollini