Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Deborah Brollini's Senate Resources Testimony in Support of SB 21 the Governor's oil tax reform bill

My testimony to Senate Resources this evening, and Senator McGuire's kind words about Deborah Brollini and Alaska Energy Dudes and Divas My testimony: My name is Deborah Brollini, I’m a 37 year Alaska and I am testifying on behalf of myself, and my two children Lyndsey, and Van. I would first like to thank the committee for their work on SB 21 the Governor’s oil tax reform bill. Although I may not agree with all the committees’ decisions, I do respect the process, and Alaskans can be proud of the due diligence Senate Resources is taking regarding oil taxes because 710,000 Alaskans livelihoods are at stake.

I was pleased to learn that the Competitive Review has been included as a committee substitute to SB 21. It has been something that I’ve been advocating for several years now and I am encouraged that this might be the year that a Competitive Review board is implemented, and that we can start making sound business decisions rather making decisions based on politics and emotions.

I am supportive of the Competitive Review because it takes the politics out of the debate. I visited with Ben Parks last spring who is the former CEO of Boeing. Boeing won the national Baldrige Award for manufacturing excellence under his leadership. Ben Parks now resides in Homer. I asked him whether or not the state’s natural resources could be managed by a Baldrige model, and if a Competitive Review Board could manage, and make recommendations on what is in the best interest of the state in terms of our oil and gas resources. His answer was an overwhelming yes.

The reason it was a yes is because data is not personal. When we look at this country’s well data the only thing that we can get worked up about is that North Dakota, Texas and California are kicking our behinds. The well data is not personal. It is my hope that a Competitive Review will help lawmakers make long-term business decisions, and provide my children with a future they deserve.

Again, I appreciate your due diligence and including the Competitive Review as part of your committee substitute. Thank you.

Video of my testimony: http://www.360north.org/gavel-archives/?event_id=2147483647_2013021371