Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Alaskans we are all in this together

Deborah Brollini
Alaskan Energy Dudes and Divas

I was so excited to watch the pomp and circumstance of the gaveling in of the Alaska State Legislature yesterday. I was beaming with pride watching my friends take their oaths of office, and their willingness to take on the monumental task of moving our state forward. The decisions made these 90 days will not be easy, the decisions will be tough, and hard to swallow. But, during both House and Senate floor speeches and during press availability there was a consistent message of “we are all in this together.” I believe these lawmakers to be great Alaskans who will look at Alaska as a whole, and will work for solutions rather than being right for the sake of party, or ideology. I do want to stress that policy is a public process and that all Alaskans are invited to help make these tough policy decisions.

I do follow public policy, and my issues are finding solutions to my high energy costs, oil tax reform, Alaska Native people, and Covenant House. I have learned a lot over the years regarding public policy and the process of passing legislation. I was fortunate to have a legislative staffer sit me down for a reality check conversation. I learned that I must think of the end result of my policy wants, and to not to get married to legislation. No matter how bad I want legislation, the legislation passed will be imperfect, and I will never get everything I want, and being married to legislation is not healthy for me because politics is fickle.

A lot of lessons learned that have helped me understand that dragging the Governor, and legislators kicking and screaming to my policy wants is not in the best interest of the state. Alaska’s future is bright, and there is so much opportunity within our reach if we think long-term, balance all of the state's needs, and unite behind the goal of putting Alaska first.

It is possible to move our state forward this legislative session so all Alaskans win, and we can do this together as an all-Alaskan family.