Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Alaska Energy Dudes and Divas Circle of Influence

Received great feedback regarding Alaska Energy Dudes and Divas (DDs) yesterday from social media experts evaluating DDs circle of influence. The public is not utilizing traditional media as much for their news and information, and are participating in sharing with others to "help each other." DDs has found a niche, and is the place you go for energy issues. Especially, Alaska oil and gas issues.

Dudes and Divas:

  • "Deborah Brollini." is an authentic advocate for energy issues, and is a highly influential blogger, and "gifted" writer. However, Ms. Brollini prefers "storyteller."
  • 92% of "Nielson" participants trust "advocates," and are three times more trusted.
  • DDs has built an audience and built a successful brand
  • Ms. Brollini is not influenced by incentives (freebies), and not paid. DDs does have one sponsor Perkins Coie that has not presented undo influence on content, or Ms. Brollini. She has been given a great deal of freedom.
  • Ms. Brollini has build credibility by not being compensated. However, prefers "earned content."
  • DDs is an audience "connection" and used as a source for energy issues and a trusted a source
  • Ms. Brollini and DDs has a high level of influence, which has been demonstrated through content with value.
  • DDs has real influence which leads to relevant action. DDs inspires action by others to act or changes the audience's point of view, perception or emotion.
  • 49% of those online are searching for experts. DDs audience feels they have real access to energy experts, and feel they can interact with these experts through social channels.
  • The DDs team is an "expert" source which breathes credibility
  • Pictures and videos add credibility "videos are seen and therefore true," e.g. Thoughtful Thursdays, and the 1986: The year Alaska's economy crashed videos, and pictures are a great addition, and posts have gone viral.
  • DDs is organized and curated, easy to follow, uses graphs, and the writing is concise.
  • Ms. Brollini has spent a great deal of time developing authentic relationships with the public, media, and elected officials.
Ms. Brollini has a high circle of influence due to her personal advocacy efforts for energy issues, and has done a good job with branding and staying focused, keeping her political action group, and personal online activity separate from DDs. Thus, giving her credibility that is far reaching and credible.