Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Let us blame everything on the Senate Bipartisan Working

The Alaska GOP would suggest that we blame all of our state’s woes on those republicans who organized with the Alaska Senate bipartisan working group. I recommend that we blame everything on this group of republicans, e.g., the drought and fires in the midwest, high gasoline prices, world hunger, Darfur... hell let us just pile it on. No sense and stopping there. Why not look at ourselves in the mirror and take responsibility for being complacent as citizens? Why not take responsibility for having our hand out in every pocket of this state? Why not take responsibility for having little regard for my children's future? Our state has been flying by the seat of our pants since statehood, and we have lost our way, and we the public want to sit around and point fingers on who is to blame. What are we twelve?

All the throwing of sand in the eyes of elected officials this election cycle is accomplishing what? Alaska has zero leadership, no vision, and no roadmap to the future, and we hold our breath for the next Hail Mary. Good grief. I’ve been asking for years, what is the plan? There is no plan, and we the public need to pull our heads out of the sand, and get busy developing one, because if your waiting around for the Governor or the legislature to put one together, you are going to be turning the lights off on your way out of Alaska.

The replacing of legislators is not going to solve the long-term problem, and hoping for the best as a citizen is not a strategy. We as citizens need to engage in the debate, and take the time to understand the issues and stop relying on sound bites and rhetoric to guide our decisions. It is time that Alaskans grow up, and take responsibility for our state’s future, and we need to grow up today.