Monday, July 16, 2012

Alaska needs "mission critical" leadership NOW

Deborah Brollini

Governor Sean Parnell has always been supportive of me, and all my outreach efforts to educate Alaskans about oil and gas, and the importance of oil to our state’s economy. He and his administration wanted to assist me more with Alaska Natural Resource Month. However, Alaska Natural Resource Month was not about the Governor, the oil industry, or those who support the oil industry. March was about ALASKANS, educators and our private sector coming together to celebrate our state’s natural resources and it was important that I do it with no money. I have worked my tail off to engage Alaskans, and I just wish the Governor, the legislature, and community leaders would help a gal out and lead.

My children need bold “mission critical” leadership now, because the state is already in the danger zone, and failure is not an option. At the end of August, Jim Posey, General Manager with Municipal Light and Power (MLP) will be deciding whether or not he will need to consider importing liquefied natural gas (LNG) in 2014, and the importing of LNG will be doubling or tripling our utility bills. In addition, oil production through the Trans Alaska Pipeline (TAPS) will be well below 500,0000 BPD which means there will be many more challenges for operating TAPS safely, and ALL Alaskans need to be saying a prayer for TAPS everyday.

My children do to not need leaders who are scared of their own shadows. The state of Alaska by doing nothing in the interim other than initiating another RFP is not the answer. How many PAID non-Alaskan oil and gas consultants does it take to unscrew the mess that is Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share (ACES) oil tax policy? The question was not meant as joke.

I am tough on our state leaders because I believe they have it in them to lead. We have 710,000 sitting ducks waiting for someone to step up and guide us to the future, and move our state forward. What is going to take?
Parnell administration seeks to hire oil taxes consultant
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