Thursday, June 7, 2012

What is "Thoughtful Thursdays?"

Oil and gas, and pipeline issues are complex and can be intimidating. Alaska Energy Dudes and Divas in partnership with Midnight Sun Brewery has launched its "Thoughtful Thursdays" series to help you better understand the issues facing you, your family, and the State of Alaska. Sit down and relax in a fun environment and speak with experts from the oil, gas and energy sectors and have your pressing questions answered monthly. However, every Thursday is "Thoughtful Thursdays" at Midnight Sun Brewery.

"Thoughtful Thursday with Admiral Tom Barrett," President of Alyeska Pipeline Company is in the planning, and scheduled for September. Alaskans will be able to sit down and have one-on-time with the Admiral. The Admiral is excited to meet, and speak with young Alaskans about the Trans Alaskan Pipeline (TAPS) and discuss the future of TAPS, and Alaska.

The purpose and thinking behind "Thoughtful Thursdays," is that the everyday Alaskan will not have to purchase a membership to obtain information in order to have access to speakers/leaders, pay $30.00 for a lunch or breakfast, or take time off from work. "Thoughtful Thursdays" is about YOU Alaskans and no one else. It is not sponsored by anyone, and is supported by Midnight Sun Brewery to build upon Alaska Natural Resource Month. An empowered Alaskan is the goal, so YOU can decide and guide the policies of the the GREAT state you reside.

Your Energy Diva has a decade of experience working in and empowering communities throughout Alaska. There is a right way to engage communities and a wrong way to engage communities. Presently, there is too much rhetoric and noise for you to understand the issues impacting you as an Alaskan to make informed decisions. Alaska Energy Dudes and Divas, and Midnight Sun Brewery are committed to putting an end to that.

Please drop by and have a "thoughtful" discussion with your Alaska Energy Diva, and other members of the Alaska Energy Dudes and Divas team every Thursday at Midnight Sun Brewery.

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