Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Judge reaffirms, clarifies injunction against Greenpeace on Shell vessels

Tim Bradner
Alaska Journal of Commerce

A U.S. District Court judge in Alaska issued an order late May 29 narrowing and clarifying a preliminary injunction barring Greenpeace USA from interfering with Shell’s exploration efforts to Shell’s drilling and support vessels in the U.S. exclusive economic zone, mainly Outer Continental Shelf waters off Alaska’s Arctic coasts.

Previously the injunction applied broadly to all Shell vessels in U.S. territorial waters or ports.

The new order basically reaffirms the injunction, originally made March 28, for Alaskan waters, but also expands and clarifies it so that activities in the OCS are included and also any parties working in concert with Greenpeace are included in the injunction.

“We are very pleased that the Alaska District Court modified the existing preliminary injunction,” Shell spokesman Curtis Smith said. “Greenpeace activists have consistently endangered the safety of the crews aboard Shell-chartered vessels and this ruling could add an additional measure of safety for our personnel and assets during the summer drilling season,” Smith said.

Greenpeace activists boarded the Shell-chartered Noble Discoverer drillshup in New Zealand prior to that vessel’s departure for the U.S. Activists also boarded Shell-contracted icebreakers in Finland and attempted at-sea boardings off the coasts of Sweden and Denmark, Shell said in a statement.

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