Sunday, February 26, 2012

Steve Pratt's "3-1-3 Rap"

Your Alaska Energy Dude Steve Pratt wrote the following rap celebrating 3-1-3 (March 13th)

3-1-3 for you and me
Alaskans love the land and sea
Our lives depend on Mother Earth
Her bounty gives us health and wealth
Come celebrate on 3-1-3
Alaska's natural resources for you and me 3-1-3

Discovery Day is March 13, 2012. March 13th is the day ARCO, and Humble Oil announced their Prudhoe Bay discovery in 1968.

Become a March 13th Alaskan

March 13th Alaskans know the significance of the Prudhoe Bay discovery, and what oil has meant to Alaska, and our state's economy. This year 2012, marks the 35 year anniversary of first oil through the Trans Alaska Pipeline.