Sunday, November 13, 2011

Zero to 90

Deborah Brollini

Most who can keep up with me know that I flew to Juneau in February for the Chamber fly-in, and turned the legislature upside down with my testimony to House Resources. Up to that point no one was telling the Alaskan story. I brought reality to the tax debate and a glimpse of what was yet to come for our state because I survived the crash of 1986.

After I returned from Juneau I parked myself at the Loussac Library, and began researching 1986 the year Alaska’s economy crashed. I was young and in my 20s and very busy doing all the things I should have been doing at my age. I was working full-time foreclosing on homes, going to college, and having fun. It was not until I returned from Juneau, and began researching 1986, did I even get how bad things really were, and started hunting down leaders from that time.

After a month of research I run to Joe Beedle, President of Northrim whom in 1986 was referred to as “the hatchet man” and asked him “did our economy crash in 90 days? “ I then go to Scott Hawkins who was an economist at the time who wrote for the Anchorage Times and ask him the same question. Unsatisfied with the answers because they concurred I go to Governor Bill Sheffield and ask him did our economy crash in 90 days? “Yes, Deborah I was there.” Our economy crashed in 90 days, and so what has Alaska learned?

Alaska’s economy crashed because oil prices dropped to $20 on January 1st 1986, and by April 1st 1986 it was over. Alaska got out of it because oil prices rose, and we had lots of oil in our pipeline. Today, Alaskans have a choice. Do we continue on this path, or do we think outside the box, and look at all options? Alaska has so many options and opportunities if we would just get out of our damn way, and everyone has a seat at the Alaska table…. are you in?

To those who think I’m a “shill” for big oil. Would it surprise you to know that I have received my paychecks from the healthcare industry for the past 10 years? This issue has always been about my children’s future. All have access to my research. I am currently writing a white paper about the year Alaska's economy crashed which is kind of turning into a book, and I am doing it at my own expense, and personal time, and all in the vain of Lyndsey and Van’s future. What are you doing for Alaska, and our state's future?