Thursday, October 27, 2011

South to the Future: North Dakota’s Oil Boom Series

KTUU's Steve MacDonald just returned from North Dakota and is working on a three-part series about their Oil Boom and the impact on Alaska. It might be a series you'll be interested in watching. The series will air Monday-Wednesday on the Channel 2 NewsHour at 6pm.

North Dakota is fast becoming one of the largest producers of crude oil in North America. For years, a huge oil field in western North Dakota sat idle until the state lowered taxes, giving oil companies the incentive to invest. Now business is booming. As production at Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay slows, oil workers are beginning to follow the jobs to the North Dakota prairie. Channel 2’s Steve MacDonald recently visited the flourishing region to answer the questions Alaskans need to know: Are Alaska’s oil jobs going south? Is North Dakota’s gain our loss? What does is all mean for Alaska’s future?

Starting Monday October 31st at 6pm on the Channel 2 NewsHour, Steve will introduce us to Alaskan’s seeking opportunity amid the North Dakota oil boom. Throughout the week Steve will explore the jobs migration, oil taxes and small town North Dakota’s growing pains. Don’t miss this unparalleled look at one of Alaska’s most pressing issues.